Lyman™ Pachmayr GM-ALS Grips For Colt 1911 & Copies - Rosewood

Brand: Pachmayr

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Pachmayr™ GM-ALS Colt 1911 & Copies

Lyman™ Pachmayr GM-ALS Grips for Colt 1911 Government/Commander models & copies offer the best of both utility and aesthetics, giving you the look and feel of wood, as well as the grip, recoil management, and control of rubber. Pachmayr's popular American Legend Grips in Rosewood laminate are made with rubber panels proven to improve recoil absorption, comfortable finger grooves, and attractive wood trim. Each grip features the popular American Legend wraparound design with relief cuts for ambidextrous safeties and mainspring housing pin cut-out. No matter what the finish of your gun, these American Legend Semi-Auto Grips will enhance the looks and handling of your Colt 1911.

Fits: Colt 1911 Government/Commander (and copies/clones)

  • Attractive appearance of wood trim
  • Improved comfort and recoil absorption
  • Grip, handling and control performance of rubber