Lyman™ Pachmayr D752B Decelerator Old English Field Pad In Brown With Black Base, Large, 1" Thick, "Leather" Textured Face

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Pachmayr™ D752B Decel. Old English Pad

The D752B Decelerator Old English field pad delivers dramatic recoil reduction of Pachmayr's soft Decelerator® material with the popular Old English classic shape. This is an ideal field pad to improve a fine, classic style rifle or shotgun. The D752B is uniquely designed with rounded edges and a "leather-look" non-slip textured face. The black base and skeletonized internal bottom core design make this pad lightweight while still keeping a classic look.

Technical Information

  • Color: Black with Black Base
  • Approximate Size: Large 5.75" x 1.92"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Texture: Non-slip "Leather" Textured Face
  • Material: Decelerator™ rubber (for heavy recoil management)
  • Old English Field style rounded shape provides quick mounting and positive control
  • Grind To Fit