Lyman™ Pachmayr D550 Decelerator Trap Recoil Pad In Black With Black Base, Large, 1.1" Thick, "Pigeon" Textured Face

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Pachmayr™ D550 Decelerator Trap Pad

The Lyman™ Pachmayr D550 Decelerator Trap Recoil Pad combines Pachmayr's proven trap design with their famous Decelerator material for an attractive, comfortable and functional pad for all trap shooting conditions. This pad is designed with an aggressive non-slip "pigeon" face texture for secure, no slip positioning, and also features a skeletonized internal bottom core design. This design and the use of Pachmayr's Decelerator material make this pad excellent for dealing with the repeated recoil of trap shooting, as well as making it ideal for heavy recoiling rifles, such as the .50 BMG.

Technical Information

  • Color: Black with Black Base
  • Texture: Pigeon Textured Non-Slip Face
  • Pad Dimensions: Large 5.7" x 2.05"
  • Pad Thickness: 1.1"
  • Grind to Fit