Lyman™ Pachmayr CJ-L Rubber Presentation™ Grips For Colt J-Frame Revolvers

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Lyman™ Pachmayr Colt J-Frame Revolver Grips

Lyman™ Pachmayr CJ-L Rubber Presentation Grips for Colt J-Frame Revolvers have a classic checkered design, perfect for large hands. The Presentation™ line is the first grip design developed by Frank Pachmayr. This popular rubber grip has been the mainstay of Pachmayr's line since the beginning and it remains very popular. Pachmayr's patented Presentation design features classic styling and a magnificent finish with deep checkering for control and superb comfort. Presentation grips look great for years and are practically indestructible. Add a classic feel to your Colt J-Frame Revolver with Presentation Grips by Pachmayr.

Technical Information

Material: Rubber

Finish: Checkered

All Colt J-Frame Revolvers (Lawman, Trooper) 

  • Classic styling
  • Deep checkered finish for control
  • Comfortable grip with natural point
  • Based on traditional revolver grip configuration to fit almost any wheel gun