Lyman™ Pachmayr CD-S Presentation Grips For Colt D-Frame (Larger Frame, Post-WWII - 1966)

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Lyman™ Pachmayr Grips Colt D-Frame

Lyman™ Pachmayr CD-S Grips for Colt D-Frame Revolvers (larger grip frame produced Post-WWII - 1966) are part of Pachmayr's Presentation Revolver Grip Series. The Presentation™ rubber grip was the first grip design developed by Frank Pachmayr, and it has remained one of the Pachmayr Line's most popular items. Pachmayr Presentation grips feature classic styling and a magnificent finish with deep checkering for control and a superb comfort. 

Technical Information

Color: Black

Material: Rubber

Finish: Checkered

WWII-1966 Production Colt D-Frame Revolvers (Detective Special, Police Special, Cobra, Agent, and Diamondback)