Lyman™ No. 2 Tang Peep Sight Uberti "Winchester '73"

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Lyman™ No. 2 Tang Peep Sight Uberti "Winchester '73"

The Lyman™ No. 2 Tang Peep Sight Uberti "Winchester '73" - Lyman has recreated the legendary sight that the Lyman Gun Sight Company was founded on in 1878. Like the original, the #2 is constructed of blued steel and features height index marks on the aperture post, with maximum elevation of .800" for long range shooting. The #2 Tang Sight's greater sight radius means an inherent increase in accuracy. The #2 Tang Sight includes both a .093 diameter quick sighting hunting aperture and a .040 diameter Large Disk Target Aperture. Also included is a replacement rear stock screw and front tang screw. This Marlin version features a special adapter which allows mounting on the tang without damaging the serial number. Please Note: All Marlin lever actions will need to be drilled and tapped before mounting. This sight will not work on new rifles with a tang safety.