Lyman™ E-ZEE TRIM Hand Case Trimmer Handgun Set

Brand: Lyman

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Lyman™ E-ZEE TRIM Hand Case Trimmer Handgun Set

The Lyman E-ZEE TRIM case trimmer allows for the user to have a precision trimmer with interchangeable caliber specific pilots. Metallic cases stretch as a result of both the firing process and the subsequent resizing process. When your cases reach a certain dimension, the original case length must be restored through trimming.

The length is preset for each caliber so no measuring is required. Just select the proper caliber pilot and begin trimming. A power adapter is included to connect the hand trimmer to an electric drill for larger amounts of trimming. Every kit includes a case locking device, cutter, trim-to length pilot, cutter head, and the power adapter. The case locking device requires the use of standard shell holders sold separately. The quick assembly will have you trimming cases in seconds. 

Pilots Included: 

  • 9mm NATO
  • 38 Special
  • 357 Remington Magnum
  • 40 S&W
  • 44 Remington Magnum
  • 45 ACP