Lyman™ Carbide Sizer Die 45 ACP, 45 Winchester Magnum

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Lyman™ Carbide Sizer Die 45 ACP, 45 Winchester Magnum

Lyman Pistol Dies deliver round after round of the high performance ammo serious shooters demand. Whether for bullseye, action or cowboy shooting, pistol reloaders most often are looking to generate volumes of reloads which deliver consistent quality. That's why Lyman Pistol Dies are such a good choice and they fit virtually any reloading press, including the popular progressives. Most importantly, when it comes to precision, smoothness and versatility, Lyman Pistol Dies are unsurpassed. 

Lyman was the originator of the Tungsten Carbide sizing die. Lyman Carbide Sizing Dies feature a one piece hardened steel decapping rod. Shellholder sold separately. Carbide dies do not require the use of case sizing lube.