Lyman™ Bleacher Reloading Blocks for Rifle 0.485

Brand: Lyman

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Lyman™ Bleacher Reloading Box for Rifle 0.485

The Lyman™ Bleacher Reloading Box for Rifle 0.485

  • Made of tough, durable polymer
  • Unique stepped design makes it easy to add or remove cases, even when full
  • Takes up less bench space than traditional blocks


Lyman – an innovator in the field of case preparation and reloading – has introduced “Bleacher” Reloading Blocks. Lyman has taken a step up in loading block design with the “Bleacher” Blocks. The stepped design allows you to easily grip a single case without jamming your fingers down into a group of cases like in traditional loading blocks, and allows for a smaller footprint on your bench. Made of tough, durable polymer, the “Bleacher” Blocks are molded in three sizes to closely fit a variety of rifle cases. One size fits 223 size case heads, another fits 308 size case heads and the third fits belted magnum size cases. All hold 50 rounds.