Lyman™ Black Powder Handbook 2nd Edition

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Lyman™ Black Powder Handbook 2nd Edition

The Lyman Black Powder Handbook is the definitive guide to black powder shooting! If you own a muzzleloader, you should have this Manual! The folks at Lyman® have teamed up with "Mr. Muzzleloader", Sam Fadala to produce the most comprehensive black powder manual available. This manual is entirely new, from the ground up, and includes thousands of pressure tested loads.

All new Second Edition, with the largest selection of loading data for black powder rifles, pistols, shotguns, and a section on cowboy action and black powder cartridge. Over 20,000 shots were fired and recorded, from rifles, muskets, pistols, revolvers and shotguns. 

Over three years went into the development of this data. Down range velocities and energies are also given for each load. Sam Fadala brings his well known expertise to this work, covering such topics as choosing your muzzleloader, building the best loads, propellants, ignition, maintenance and much more. In addition, black powder cartridges are well covered with the help of Mike Venturino.


  • Soft bound volume, in 8-1/2 x 11" format, with 336 pages.
  • Includes Goex®, Elephant®, Pyrodex® Powders and Hodgdon® Pellets
  • Mike Venturino on Black Powder Silhouette and Cowboy Action Shooting

This is one manual all black powder shooters should own.