Lyman™ Ammo Tracker Chronograph

Brand: Lyman

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Lyman™ Ammo Tracker Chronograph

The Lyman™ Ammo Tracker Chronograph continuously updates and displays your data as you shoot. With each shot fired, the display updates and displays the data for Average, High Velocity, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation. In addition, Shot number and String number are also displayed. The screens connect to the display using a single cable. No need to have two separate cables for the Start and Stop screens which can get tangled up and in the way. The screens have a 2' spacing and easily assemble using four matching sections of tubes that provide the connections between the two screens.

  • Operates on a 9V battery
  • Two foot screen spacing
  • Accuracy + or -0.5%
  • Standard 1/4 x 20 thread for tri-pod mounting