Lyman™ 640 Base For 90MJT fits 15-16" Receiver

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Lyman™ 640 Base For 90MJT fits 15/16" Receiver

The Lyman™ 640 Base For 90MJT fits 15/16" Receiver is designed to mount on Lyman and other target style mounting blocks. It features audible click detent, target knobs scribed in quarter minute graduations and elevation and windage arrows. Adjustable zero scales and elevation stop screw permit instantaneous return to pre-established zero point. Quick release allows slide to be removed. Elevation adjusts from 1.060" to 1.560" above bore centerline. Large 7/8" diameter non-glare target disc with .040" aperture. Machined black hard anodized aluminum body with blued steel target knobs and detent balls ensures long life.