Lyman™ 50 BMG Multi Tool

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Lyman™ 50 BMG Multi Tool

The Lyman 50 BMG Case Prep Multi-Tool is a unique case prep tool that provides the reloader with all the essential case prep accessories in one compact, double-ended storage tool. Lyman utilized full size .50 caliber tools to create the ultimate .50 BMG case prep tool. This makes it a great tool for any reloader looking for a hand held tool that will chamfer for very low drag bullets (VLD), debur cases, clean large and small primer pockets and remove military crimps from primer pockets. Other features of the tool include knurled handle to ensure a secure grip, a two-piece design for handy storage in the middle of the tool and both ends are threaded to allow two tool heads to be mounted simultaneously streamlining the case preparation process. Unique two-piece design has enough room to store all of the accessory heads that come with the tool.