Lyman™ 16 & 37 ML Hunting Set (Euro Dovetail)

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Lyman™ 16 & 37 ML Hunting Set (Euro Dovetail)

The Lyman™ 16 & 37 ML Hunting Set (Euro Dovetail) - As an upgrade to the traditional, blade and buckhorn sighting arrangement found on most muzzleloaders, these quality Lyman units provide a bright, clear sight picture that stands out in low light conditions. The windage adjustable #37ML front sight stands 0.445" high, while the #16AML leaf rear sight is adjustable for elevation from 0.400"-0.500" and folds out of the way when not desired. Both sights are constructed of steel with a blue finish, and are sold separately or as a pair. These dovetail sights have a .360" dovetail and fit most European muzzle loaders.