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Lyman® Trade Rifle - Percussion Ignition

The Lyman® Trade Rifle is a beautifully crafted and ruggedly constructed rifle that captures the spirit of the original Indian Trade Rifle in production during the Indian fur trading days. The first of these guns appeared as early as the mid-1600s and were produced in a wide variety of styles until the early 1800s. The Lyman® Trade Rifle is manufactured using the most iconic and well-known design of the Indian Trade Rifle for the basis of their reproduction. The percussion ignition is a modern adaptation to allow the gun to be effectively used for hunting and sport shooting for everyone to enjoy. 

The Lyman® Trade Rifle features a solid walnut wood stock with brass furnishings and accents to give it a classic and timeless look and feel. Additionally, the rifle is equipped with an authentic wooden ramrod that is threaded on one end with 10/32 threads to accommodate most modern cleaning jags, loading tips, bullet pullers, and other ramrod accessories. The barrel measures 28-inches long and features a blued finish to protect the carbon steel barrel from rust and corrosion as well as give it a truly authentic appearance. The rifling in the barrel is 1:48 which allows hunters and shooters to use the gun with both a lead round ball and patch or a full bore conical bullet as you see fit. Finally, the Lyman® Trade Rifle features a removable percussion nipple and comes equipped with a #11 percussion cap nipple, however, if you prefer the nipple can be exchanged for a musket cap nipple as well giving you greater versatility. 

For a truly authentic and traditional muzzleloader shooting experience, the Lyman® Trade Rifle is a great option for hunters and sport shooters of all experience levels. Enjoy shooting one of the most iconic guns in American history and get your Lyman® Trade Rifle today.