Lyman® Deerstalker™ .50 Cal - Flintlock Muzzleloader - 6033146

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Lyman® Deerstalker™ Flintlock Muzzleloader - 6033146

Lyman® Deerstalker™ .50 Cal - Flintlock Muzzleloader - 6033146 - A reliable, accurate and affordable muzzleloader for the special seasonal deer hunter. Lyman's Deerstalker Rifle has quickly earned the reputation as one of America's most reliable, accurate and affordable hunting muzzleloaders. All Deerstalkers have performance features such as a quiet single trigger, reliable coil mainspring and high quality Lyman hunting sights. The 24" barrel with 1 in 48" twist is ideal for roundball or maxi hunting bullets. Parts are blackened to avoid glare and a black rubber recoil pad mounted on the Deerstalker rifle's handsome hardwood stock makes for comfortable shooting in either .50 or .54 caliber. Deerstalkers come with Lyman’s high visibility, fiber optic sights as standard equipment.