Lyman® 57 GPR Adjustable Peep Sights - Fits Lyman Great Plains Rifle

Brand: Lyman

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The Lyman® 57 GPR Receiver Sight is rugged and precise with minimal protrusion, machined to hug the Lyman Great Plains Rifle for the lowest line of sight. Adjustable aperture affords a large field of view and quick target acquisition. Lyman's most popular receiver sight offers immediate improvement in accuracy for any target practice or serious hunting.

The 57 GPR Sight features ¼-inch minute, micrometer click adjustments for elevation and wind change, as well as a quick release slide. Plus elevation stop screw permits instantaneous return to zero. The GPR Sight requires a supplied adapter to fit the Lyman Great Plains Rifle that makes installation easy.

NOTE: Lyman Great Plains Rifles made before April, 1997 require drilling and tapping an 8-32 hole. Lyman Great Plains Rifles made after April, 1997 have factory drilled and tapped hole.

***Lyman® Sights are fabricated from durable machined metal.