Leupold™ QR CVA & Traditions Pursuit 2-Piece Mounts Quick Release Mounts - 52324

Brand: Leupold

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The Leupold™ QR black matte, 2-piece base mounts allow you to remove and reattach your scope with a twist of the levers, while returning to within 1/2" of the original point-of-impact. These aircraft grade, aluminum mounts feature a progressive, patented lever mechanism machined with precision tolerances, that engages the steel base to the ring, by pulling it down and forward while locking it firmly into its “zero” position.

The QR mounts double lever, dual locking cam system withstands recoil of any rifle cartridge without shooting loosely or accidently unlocking. These well-thought-out mounts are designed specifically for round barrelled CVA Muzzleloaders as well as Traditions Pursuit models.  Convenient and easy to use, these field-proven mounts result in repeated accuracy. Attaching and removing your Leupold™ QR mounts just got super simplified.