KonusPro™ Scope Kit - 3-9x40mm - AA2005

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The KonusPro 275™ 3x-9x40mm scope was designed specifically for muzzleloaders. The exclusive ballistic reticle, coinciding with the most popular black powder loads today, provides you with a system of reference lines for exact aiming points from 75 to 275 yards. Lateral hash marks allow for precise leads of moving targets as well as compensating for strong crosswinds. This reticle helps take the guess work out of hold over angles for even the most difficult of shots. 

The KonusPro™ Series of scopes have been used extensively with CVA muzzleloader packages, and have experienced great success. The optical clarity is very good for a scope of this price point, and the durability and warranty rival much more expensive scopes. With all things considered, this is the perfect scope for a muzzleloading hunter who does not want to break the bank!