Hodgdon® Pyrodex™ 50-50 Pellets Black Powder Substitute .50 Cal 50 Grains (24 & 100 Pack)

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Hodgdon® Pyrodex® 50/50 Pellets offer a compact and consistent propellant for modern, inline muzzleloader rifles. At 50-grains per pellet, almost any load can be developed, from 50-grain loads for target shooting and small game hunting to a max 150-grain charge for big game. The Pyrodex 50/50 Pellets feature a patented ignition strip for faster ignition in even the worst of weather conditions. Simply drop the pellets down the barrel with the ignition strip down, seat the bullet and you are ready to shoot.

Pyrodex is a versatile compound that burns consistently and thoroughly, giving you more consistent and accurate shot groupings. These pellets are formulated for modern inline muzzleloaders, and are not designed to be used in side lock rifles (except the T/C Firestorm). These Pyrodex® 50/50 Pellets come in a package of 24 or 100 and can be used with standard caps, musket caps, and 209 ignition systems.   


  • Consistent, easy to use propellant
  • Designed for in-line muzzleloader rifles
  • A single pellet can be used for lighter targets
  • Double pellets offer a 100 gr. load for bigger game
  • Can be used with standard caps, musket caps, or 209 ignition systems
  • Pack of 24 or 100
  • Model: 14928
  • Hodgdon


**Do not exceed the loads displayed in the loading guide. Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source. Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.