Harvester® Scorpion PT Gold Bullets - 260 Grain

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The Harvester® Scorpion PT Gold Bullets provide superb, consistent accuracy, as one of the best performing muzzleloading hunting bullets available in the market today. The popular Scorpion PT Gold with polymer tipped, spire-pointed bullet has taken off like a skyrocket.

Easy to Load Scorpion PT Gold Bullets have an electroplated copper jacket that will not separate from the lead core when striking the target like most jacketed bullets, and the high-pressure sabot ensures a consistent gas seal for reliability and downrange performance. The bullet shoots with exceptional accuracy and allows for maximum expansion of the polymer tip for better retention and ballistic coefficiency, while delivering tremendous knockdown power with exceptional penetration. The 3% antimony core adds strength to the bullet, increasing the transfer of energy and penetration power of a clean pass through shot.

Here’s an outstanding hunting bullet that holds together at close range, and still provides the expansion that’s a must on those longer one-shot kills. The sleek aerodynamics and improved ballistic coefficiency of the bullet ensures greater retention of velocity and energy downrange. You won’t find a better shooting or better performing bullet than the 260 grain Harvester® Scorpion PT Gold bullet.