Frogg Toggs™ Boonie Hat - Realtree™ Xtra Camo

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Frogg Toggs™ Boonie Hat - Camo

The Frogg Toggs™ Camo Boonie Hat is a wide-brimmed, breathable rain hat made from Frogg Toggs proprietary 100% waterproof fabric. The patented fabric of three layers polypropylene with a center layer of micro-porous film does not allow water to penetrate, while patented seaming process eliminates holes and possible water entry. The hat features Realtree® All Purpose Xtra™ Camo and is extremely lightweight and crushable for packing. The over-sized brim measures approximately 14 1/2 inches in diameter, and is specifically designed to keep water off your neck and out of your face. 

The Camo Boonie Hat comes with a full-inch internal moisture-wicking headband and tension-adjusting chinstrap for a custom fit, or can be worn prairie-style with no strap. The Frogg Toggs™ Camo Boonie Hat is a simple, yet classic design that is an eye-catching addition to your outdoor outfit. One size fits most.