Fishpond® Eddy River Hat - Cowboy Style Hat

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Fishpond® Eddy River Hat

The Fishpond® Eddy River Hat is a stylish cowboy style hat with a large 5-inch brim that will keep your head cool and the sun out of your eyes. Made from Guatemalan Palm you can rest assured that the Eddy River Hat is 100% eco-friendly. Ruggedly built the Eddy River hat is designed for daily use and can be worn as often as you like. Keeping your head cool and your face, ears, nose, and neck protected from the sun will greatly increase your comfort in the great outdoors allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities for longer periods of time.   

Hat Sizes:

  • Medium:  7 1/4"
  • Large:     7 3/8"
  • XL:          7 5/8"