CVA™ Soft Bag Field Cleaning Kit - AA1722

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CVA™ Soft Bag Field Cleaning Kit

The CVA™ Soft Bag Field Cleaning Kit is an 8-piece field cleaning kit packaged in a durable canvas waistband case with a large storage pocket. The Field Cleaning Kit contains all the essentials you need to clean and make sure your .50 caliber muzzleloader rifle is shooting great, plus ample room to carry primers, pellets, and bullets. Numerous interior netting compartments keep everything neatly organized and in plain sight.

The Field Cleaning Kit Bag contains 100 dry cleaning patches, spray lubricant, anti-seize breech plug grease, .50 cal. cleaning jag, .50 cal. bore brush, .50 cal. swab, one silicone cleaning cloth and a 1 oz tube of Wonder Gel solvent. The CVA™ Soft Bag Field Cleaning Kit is a convenient cleaning bargain housed in a quality canvas fanny pack at an unbeatable price.

This Kit Includes:

100 - Cotton Cleaning Patches

1 - 1.5 oz. Rust Preventative Spray

1 - Breech Plug Grease Stick

1 - .50 Cal. Cleaning Jag

1 - .50 Cal. Brass Bore Brush

1 - .50 Cal. Bore Swab

1 - Oil Cloth

1 - 1 oz. Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel

All contents come in the CVA™ Soft Canvas Waist Bag.