CVA™ Muzzleloader Powder Horn

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CVA® Muzzleloader Powder Horn

The CVA® Muzzleloader Powder Horn is an authentically crafted representative of the kind commonly used with muskets in the 18th century before the development of breech-loading systems. Made from a real bullhorn, the powder horn is naturally hollow and waterproof to ensure your powder is guaranteed not to detonate from inadvertent sparks during loading or storage.

A genuine muzzleloading powder horn is an essential accessory for any traditional black-powder shooter. For a day hunt, the horn is big enough to carry all the powder you need. The top of the curved horn is closed off by a wooden spout plug stopper and bottom with a wooden base plug that serves to hold the ends in place when closed shut. The Muzzleloader Powder Horn sports a secure leather strap for easy carrying at the range or in the field.