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The CVA™ Musket Cap Firing Pin Set is the optimum replacement for worn out or broken firing pins for Northwest Break–Action Muzzleloaders 2014 or newer. The set includes a Firing pin retainer-bushing, O-Ring for the firing pin retainer-bushing, Firing pin spring and Musket Cap Firing pin.

The Musket Cap ignition is fabricated especially for CVA™ Northwest Break-Action Models such as the Accura, Optima and Wolf Muzzleloaders. Most break-action style Muzzleloaders contain a firing assembly that should be maintained at the same time you clean your breech plug. It is suggested this be done at the end of each shooting day in order to prevent undesired corrosion on or around your firing pin. 

  • Easy to replace and/or clean, use a proper fitting screwdriver to remove the firing pin bushing from the front of the breech face. The firing pin and firing spring will drop out of the frame when angled downward.
  • Clean the firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin bushing and firing pin recess thoroughly with a proper black powder cleaning solvent – Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker is recommended.
  • Lube the pin and spring using cotton swabs and reinstall.
  • Place the firing pin spring over the firing pin, then re-install the firing pin and tighten the firing pin bushing until flush with the frame.
  • A light coating of breech plug grease on the bushing threads is a good practice to help maintain the functionality and longevity of your firing pin.