CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Cleaning Kit Value Pack - AA1850

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CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Cleaning Kit Value Pack - AA1850

The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Cleaning Kit Value Pack - AA1850 is a series of Barrel Blaster solvents and rust preventatives specifically formulated for black powder firearms. Widely coveted as one of the best in the Muzzleloading industry, the CVA® Value Pack is used for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home or at the range or take the Kit with you for on the go cleaning to preserve the condition and durability of your firearm.

The CVA® Barrel Blaster™ Value Pack includes: a 7 ounce Citric Based Solvent Spray to be sprayed on a patch or brush to run through your rifle barrel to remove fouling, 6 ounces of Rust Preventative Patches critically used as a final pass-through cleaning patch to prevent rust and corrosion, a 7 ounce can of Foaming Bore Cleaner to spray in your rifle barrel and later swab it clean, 6 ounces of pre-saturated, Quick-Clean Patches for quick, easy barrel cleaning, and a 4 ounce jar of Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker to soak heavily fouled plugs and other small parts, and finally, several Dry Cleaning Patches.

This Kit Includes:

100 - Cotton Cleaning Patches

100 - Barrel Blaster™ Quick-Clean Patches

100 - Barrel Blaster™ Rust Preventative Patches

1 - 4 oz. Parts Soaker Jar

1 - 7 oz. Foaming Bore Cleaner