Williams™ 380 S&W Bodyguard - Fire Sight Set - Green Front/Red Rear Fiber Optic Sights - 70993

Brand: Williams

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Williams Fire Sight Set For 380 S&W Bodyguard - 70993

When it comes to S&W Bodyguard 380 accessories, none could be more important than the sight system being run on the pistol. That is where Williams Gun Sight Company comes in. The Williams S&W Bodyguard 380 Fiber Optic Firesight set delivers unmatched visibility in any light conditions, by utilizing ultra-bright fiber optic inserts.

These sights are constructed from incredibly strong and durable aircraft-grade aluminum and are CNC machined to perfect standards and tolerances. The fiber optic inserts are nestled firmly in the sight housings with as much of the insert exposed as possible for maximum light gathering.

This set features a green front fiber optic sight and a red rear fiber optic sight. This combo is important as the contrasting colors allow for faster target acquisition and a sharper down-sight view. While many sights have the red fiber optic in the front Williams has noticed that the human eye tends to lock onto the green much better than the red. For this reason, the green optic is upfront, and as you will see that makes a world of difference!

Both sights feature a dovetail base for installing on the 380 S&W Bodyguard handgun. The rear sight also features an elevation adjustment screw to adjust the pitch of the rear sight for proper sight alignment.

When it comes to sights for a pistol designed for concealment, the profile matters. The 380 S&W Bodyguard fire sight set by Williams is low profile and will not catch on your shirt, pants, or anything else due to the elegantly streamlined profile. Not only are these sights highly desirable for concealed carry but they also look great and offer a nice aesthetic improvement to the gun as well.

 Green Front Sight Blade Red Rear Sight Proudly Made in the U.S.A
380 S&W Bodyguard Green Front Sight 380 S&W Bodyguard Sights Proudly Made In America

Williams gun sights are superior to many fiber optic sight options on the market due to their composition and manufacturing process. Manufactured right here in the United States of America, you can be confident that these sights are built to last and will perform in the most strenuous of circumstances. Unlike cheaply made overseas sights Willaims offers sights you can be proud to put on your firearm.