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Excalibur Matrix 405™ Mega Crossbow (Bow Only)

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The Excalibur® Matrix 380™ Blackout Scope Package comes with the original compact recurve crossbow platform and popular Tact-Zone™ scope, but with a sleek, black-carbon tactical finish.

Excalibur Matrix 405™ Mega Crossbow (Bow Only)

The Excalibur® Matrix Mega 405™ Crossbow packs a complete combination of hard-hitting power with flat-shooting performance and blistering high speed. This beastly crossbow is capable of taking down any game in your sight, from deer to buffalo, with exceptional ease. The Matrix 405™ has no moving parts, cams, or wheels and comes pre-strung, making assembly easier. Simply attach the riser to the stock, the foot stirrup to the crossbow, install the 4-arrow quiver and you are ready to go in less than 20 minutes. This crossbow comes with an instruction manual and DVD to make assembly easier.

A set of Matrix Power Load™ limbs are connected tip-to-tip with Dyna Flight 97™ string that reduces creep and increases speed. Limbs are made in-house, of unidirectional fiberglass, formed in a composite mold, measuring approximately 15 inches, and advertised as 60 percent more durable than previous limbs through proven cycle testing. The Quad-Loc™ Riser on the Matrix 405™ holds each limb at multiple points, eliminating any unwanted movement at this critical interface. Precision CNC machining crafts the aluminum alloy riser into its final form including a large dished-out area made specifically for broadhead clearance. Excalibur’s® Recoil Energy Dissipation System (REDS)™ includes two modules that are attached to the riser on either side of the rail, where rubber bumpers meet the string to reduce vibration, oscillation and noise, making for quiet, comfortable shooting. Finally, a foot stirrup that aids in cocking the bow is attached directly to the end of the riser.

Unlike the stock on most guns, the Matrix 405’s™ Ergo-Grip™ Stock encompasses many of the physical features that involve handling: the forearm, trigger guard, pistol grip, rear stock piece and butt plate. A cheek piece comes standard and adjusts for either right or left-handed shooters. The base material is glass-filled nylon that is injection molded, allowing for detailed formations such as finger grooves, flares and ribbing. The pistol grip and foregrip are equipped with rubber inserts for added comfort and control. A small flare molded into the top of the forearm serves as a reminder for shooters to keep their fingers below the flight deck. Excalibur® uses a Kolorfusion™ process called Sublimation that uses a dye transfer technology to apply Mossy Oak® Treestand™ Camo to the entire crossbow. 

Mounted to the end closest to the shooter, the bridge rail connects the bow and stock and serves as the platform for the trigger housing. It is made of aluminum alloy and houses the linkage between the trigger and the release mechanism. The trigger pull is advertised at three pounds, with very little creep. Excalibur’s® Guardian™ Anti-Dry-Fire system is found in the scope mount, where it catches the string if the crossbow is fired without an arrow in place, and works flawlessly each shot. A built-in release allows for de-cocking, so there is no need to fire an arrow to end the hunt. The manual safety at the back of the trigger housing easily flips between fire and safety positions, and uses a simple blocking mechanism to prevent firing. The Excalibur® Matrix Mega 405™ comes complete with four-arrow quiver and mounting bracket, and four durable Diablo™ arrows with 150-grain field tips. 

The Excalibur® Matrix Mega 405™ is a extremely reliable crossbow built to take down anything in its path with maximum speed, force, and deadly impact. A monster of a weapon for the serious hunter, this dynamically designed crossbow packs tremendous power and has an impressive array of features and accessories that puts other crossbows to shame. When one shot truly counts, this crossbow can make it happen. To say you will be impressed with the Mega 405’s capabilities as an exceptional hunting crossbow is an understatement.

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