Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boots - Felt or Rubber Soles

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Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boots

The Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boots are the premier wading boot offered by Redington®. The Prowler-Pro™ Wading Boot is built for maximum comfort and mobility for anglers who spend full days on the water. Inspired by the original Redington® Prowler Wading Boot, the Prowler-Pro™ builds on the great features of the original Prowler™ boot to bring your angling experience to the next level.

When spending countless hours on the water keeping your feet and legs comfortable is an absolute necessity. The Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boot is designed with a wide sole that distributes your weight over a greater area enhancing comfort and stability. Additionally, the Prowler-Pro™ boot features a light-weight shock-absorbing EVA midsole allowing the boot to cushion your steps keeping your ankles, knees, and hips feeling better all day long. To support the ankles and add even more comfort Redington® has incorporated a neoprene padded liner within the Prowler-Pro™ boots. 

The exterior of the boot has been improved as well featuring a rugged abrasion-resistant nubuck material upper for greater longevity. The Prowler-Pro™ boot also features rubber rand reinforcement in high wear areas for additional abrasion resistance, greater durability and foot protection. The tops of the boots feature corrosion-resistant hardware with locking lace hooks for a secure fit in any angling situation. Additionally, Redington® has honed and improved the drainage of the Prowler-Pro™ boots to prevent water-logging and maintain a light-weight feel to the boots, enabling anglers to go further and stay on the water longer. 

For greater ease when putting the Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boots on the back of the boot features a rubberized webbing pull-loop. When it comes time to take the boots off for the day the easy-off heel step on the back of the sole allows you to remove the boots quickly without wearing down the back of the boot. 

The Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boot is offered in a stud-compatible felt sole designed to offer maximum underwater traction or a sticky rubber sole that is designed to offer excellent traction both in and out of the water. All of these great features come together to make one of the most versatile and dependable boots on the market ready for any adventure. Gear up for your next angling adventure with the Redington® Prowler-Pro Wading Boots.