Redington® Forge Wading Boots - Felt or Rubber Sole

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Redington® Forge Wading Boots

The Redington® Forge Wading Boots are designed to be the workhorse of the Redington® wading boot lineup. The Forge™ Wading Boot is built for anglers who like to hit rivers hard and hike to the fishing holes others are not willing to work for. No matter how far the hike is or how technical the wading becomes the Redington® Forge Wading boot is ready for any challenge that may come.  

Key features such as the wide sole design and EVA midsole make the Forge™ Wading Boot one of the most comfortable boots on the market. Offered in a large variety of sizes there is a perfect fit for almost anyone who is seeking their next fishing adventure. The Forge™ Boot features rubber rand for abrasion resistance and extra durability, the rubber rand also serves a key purpose in ensuring your feet stay protected no matter the terrain. 

Redington® has crafted all of their new boot series with improved drainage technology and the Forge™ boot is no exception. Improved drainage allows the boots to stay free of heavy water-logging that can easily wear down even the most avid angler. It also allows the boots to dry quickly after being removed from the water so you can enjoy cleaner and drier storage of your boots to and from the water.

Additional great features include corrosion-resistant lace loops and webbing pull loops on the back of the boot to allow you to easily slip the boots on. The Redington® Forge™ Wading Boots are available in both a stud-compatible felt sole for maximum underwater traction as well as sticky rubber soles for excellent traction both in and out of the water. For anglers who need a tough boot for the ultimate fishing adventures you need look no further than the Redington® Forge™ Wading Boots.