Redington® Benchmark Wading Boots - Felt or Rubber Sole

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Redington® Benchmark Wading Boots

Redington® has created the Benchmark Wading Boot to be a cost-effective, lightweight and sturdy wading boot for anglers of all experience levels. Crafted with an abrasion-resistant upper anglers can have confidence that the Benchmark™ Wading Boot will last for many outings on the water. The Benchmark™ boot is designed with several key features that are sure to improve your fishing experience. To start with Redington® has created the Benchmark™ Wading Boot with wide soles for greater comfort and stability,  and shock-absorbing EVA midsoles that are designed to increase leg joint comfort while on your feet all day. The boots also feature rubber rand for abrasion resistance, increased durability, and greater foot protection. 

The Benchmark™ Wading Boots have newly designed and improved drainage to ensure the boots don't become waterlogged, allowing for a light-weight feel on your feet all day. The improved drainage also allows the boot to dry much quicker making the Benchmark™ Wading Boot ideal for anyone traveling for their next fishing adventure. The tops of the boots feature corrosion-resistant lace hooks for easy and efficient boot lacing as well as webbing pull-loops to easily put the boots on. 

When it comes to the sole of the Redington® Benchmark™ Wading Boots there are two excellent options. Anglers have the choice between a stud-compatible felt sole for maximum underwater traction or a sticky rubber sole for secure traction both on dry land and in the water. 

For an all-around light-weight and cost-effective boot, it is hard to beat the Redington® Benchmark™ Wading Boots. The excellent features and thoughtful design of the boot make it a great option for anglers everywhere independent of experience level. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just getting started the Redington® Benchmark™ Wading Boot is a boot you can trust for your next adventure.