Korkers® OmniTrax V 3.0 Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole

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Korkers® Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole

The Korkers® Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole is the ultimate multi-configuration Korker boot replacement sole. Designed to offer anglers a wide variety of spike, bar and hex disc traction configurations. The versatile design ensures that you can customize your traction options to the exact terrain conditions. Whether you are trudging through mud, sand, gravel, ice, snow or slimy river rocks you can have confidence your feet will stay under you and firmly in place until you are ready to move. 

Korkers® has designed the Triple Threat Aluminum Bar Sole with their proprietary bolt and traction system that allows you to mix and match any and all of Korkers® traction system elements in the configuration that is best for you. The sole consists of a base of sticky rubber that features stainless steel receptacles that are threaded and sized to work with any Korkers® traction system elements. This revolutionary design works great for all Korkers® boots and ensures you will have the best traction system in place for any angling adventure.