A-ZOOM™ Snap Cap 17 WSM - Precision Metal Action Proving

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The A-Zoom™ Precision Metal Snap Cap are designed for the 17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) Rifle. The versatile Snap Cap are ideal for safe, effective dry fire practice, safety training, function testing when re-assembling your rifle, and safe decoking without damage to your firing pin. Snap Cap function like real ammo, but allow thousands of dry fires without the damage.

Machined from precision metal to precise cartridge dimensions and anodized for ultra-smooth function and long life, these training rounds are much more than conventional snap caps. A safe, effective way to relieve tension on your gun’s firing pin or for storing your firearms with the spring relaxed to allow longer spring life. For versatility in a Dummy Snap Cap, the A-Zoom™ Snap Cap are worth every penny.