Sitka® Mountain™ WS Glove - Optifade Open Country Camo

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Sitka® Mountain™ WS Glove - Optifade Country Camo

The Sitka®, Mountain™ WS Optifade™ Open Country Camo Gloves seal out cold, windy gusts to keep your fingers warm and nimble for that kill shot, as optimal dexterity makes all the difference. The gloves are built from stretch-woven polyester with WINDSTOPPER® laminate membrane which shields an inner micro-grid, seamless, fleece lining that not only insulates, but wicks away annoying moisture.

The primary job of OPTIFADE™ Open County Camo Concealment is to prevent the animal from recognizing the hunter as a predator. The human body is made up of identifiable lines and obvious symmetry that is easily recognized by deer and other prey. The key to concealment is to interrupt those lines with macro-patterns of light and dark blobs while matching the texture of the environment using micro-patterns.

The Pitard™ Oiltac leather palms and goat leather thumb, pointer and middle fingers add critical grip-ability and durability to these already well-built gloves. Leather pull tabs make on and off simple. Glove comes with short gauntlet and articulated fingers that keep your hands in a natural, relaxed position.

The Sitka® Mountain™ WS Glove is a workhorse glove that truly move with you as you keep your digits warm and toasty for optimal dexterity that will stand the test of time.