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Nikon Black FX1000 Product Review

Seeking to bridge the gap between long-range tactical performance and an affordable price, the Nikon® Black FX1000 scope offers long-range shooters on a budget a high-quality competition optical system up to the task. Our team has carefully analyzed and field-tested the Nikon® FX1000 for durability and performance and have compiled the information and insights we have gained from our experiences with the FX1000 scope.

Nikon Black FX1000 Product Review

Nikon Black FX1000 Tactical Riflescope

Growing on the X1000 line, Nikon introduced the FX1000 as a feature-packed scope, with an affordable price point for entry-level competition shooters. This scope offers a wider magnification range, great turrets, and MOA or MRAD first focal plane reticles. With the explosion of popularity from PRS-type competitions, scopes like these are a great option for shooters not looking to break the bank. Coming in well under $1,000, the Nikon FX1000 is a great scope for the money.

Nikon has long been a part of the sport optics arena, being an industry leader and innovator with the introduction of their famous BDC reticle. For many years the industry has been hunting focused, with only the highest-end brands featuring tactical scopes. With the growing competition and tactical markets, Nikon has been consistently offering more and more options with that focus. The X1000 was the first step into the true long-range tactical arena for Nikon, and this scope was an absolute hit. The only feature that many shooters were really asking for out of this scope was the first focal plane option. A year later, the Nikon FX1000 was released which features a first focal plane reticle, as well as upgraded turrets.

With long-range shooting, clarity is absolutely tantamount. When shooting at targets up to and past 1,000 yards, it is important to be able to see bullet impacts or splash, as well as watching the trace of the bullet. The Nikon FX1000 features ED (Extra-Dispersion) glass, with premium coatings for clarity, resolution, and crisp colors unlike anything in its price point. Additionally, Nikon added scratch-resistant coatings to the exterior lenses of this scope to increase durability in the tough conditions that competitions shooters are thrown into.

Turrets and tracking are incredibly important for competition shooters. The ability to dial your scope out past 1,000 yards, and then dial back to zero and have your scope still be on is vital to competition success. The crisp turrets on the FX1000 track perfectly and the zero stop is incredibly easy to set. With the 30mm main tube, this scope has at least 17 Mils or 60 MOA of adjustment. When paired with a 20 MOA rail, which is common on most long-range rifles, this scope will easily get you to 1,000 yards and beyond.

Currently, the FX1000 is offered in two different magnification ranges, 4-16 and 6-24, with both sporting a 50mm objective lens. Also, you can choose either illuminated or non-illuminated reticles, depending on your preference. The illuminated versions feature ten different brightness settings, with an off point between each one, so you are never more than one click from your preferred illumination setting. While illumination is not generally needed in competition, it certainly can be applicable with hunting applications. With more hunters using tactically inspired scopes when in the woods, this scope is easily at home in both scenarios. All of the FX1000 scopes will feature a side-focus parallax adjustment, which can be important for long-range shooting.

While there are certainly more features that we could cover on this scope, we wanted to get to the heart of this review and cover the real world testing that we have done. So far, this scope has been put through the paces on a Bergara HMR Pro 6.5 Creedmoor. Using a 20 MOA rail, we have been able to stretch this scope out to 1150 yards. After competing with this scope at the National Rifle League Gem State Standoff, we can say with complete confidence that this scope is a great competition optic. While a Horus reticle would be an incredible addition to this scope, the overall performance was great on the targets out to 1,000 yards. During the weekend’s shoot, we had one day of dry weather with lots of blowing dust, covering all of our equipment, followed by another day of rain and mud. With shooting around wet rocks and mud on the second day, the scopes got covered with all kinds of grit and grime but they continued to work perfectly. All weekend long, the zeros remained solid as we ran the turrets up and down countless times. While you can certainly spend more money on other scopes and get more features, we can say with assurance that there isn’t another scope under $1,200 that will beat the Nikon FX1000.

If you have any more questions about the Nikon FX1000 or any other optics featured on our website, please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team. We are happy to help you choose the right optic for your application without any brand bias. Each customer requires a different piece of glass for his or her application, and our goal is to find the perfect fit for you!

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